Friday, November 16, 2018

Al-Andalus Authors Newsletter Launch: Why Moorish Spain

I'm a part of Al-Andalus Authors, a cooperative formed with David Penny, John D. Cressler and Joan Fallon, who have each written about Moorish Spain's history. Our first newsletter is available NOW! Every month on the 15th day, we'll provide fascinating insights into Moorish Spain, our passion for its history and our books. This month's topic, "Why Moorish Spain." Here's a snippet:

"About Moorish Spain
Why Moorish Spain? For any traveler who has marveled at the beauty of Seville's Giralda or Alcazar, wandered between the columns of La Mezquita in Cordoba or explored Granada's timeless Alhambra, the answer is easy. Moorish Spain captures the imagination. A sentiment shared by John D. Cressler, Joan Fallon, David Penny, and Lisa J. Yarde when they formed Al-Andalus Authors.

Moorish Spain or Al-Andalus in the time of Muslim people who once ruled the land is the predominant setting for many of John, Joan, David and Lisa's novels. Inspiration comes from the richness of the region's history and culture, and the influence the Islamic religion on the architecture, language, and food. Spain is a beautiful country of ice-capped mountains in the north, and sage green grass and red ochre soil in the central tableland. Heat stifles the south in summers. Spaniards inherited a rich legacy from the Celts, Romans and Goths, and Christians, Jews, and Muslims. But it is in the vestiges of Moorish Spain alone that the influence of the latter remains best evident today.

John, Joan, David, and Lisa each have unique and deeply personal reasons for having chosen this place in time as the setting of their most beloved novels. They invite you to share their insights now."

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