Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stupid Act # 3,905

So, in all the things that I learned last year, apparently, I missed out on one important lesson; researching thoroughly before committing myself to a certain course.

 I can probably blame this lapse on any number of things: a momentary brain freeze that stripped me of my good, common sense; or, I really am not as smart as I hope to be; or I just wanted to start out the new year by being a complete fool, just for the helluva of it.  But truly, this lapse resulted from YEARS of frustration with the route to publication, which all writers know has its pitfalls, and is NOT, unlike what some non-writer friends, or family members may think, a route we take because we're bored or until a better direction in life is found.  Writers tread such treacherous routes for many reasons, but the primary reasons are usually because: we love it and we want to be published authors.  But, sometimes we do silly things to achieve this.

I can't be possibly be alone in my stupidity.  Have you ever done something in your quest for publication, which you immediately regretted?  

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